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On-line Writing Lab (OWL) Purdue
(OWL, 2011)

How to evaluate a Health Information Web site
· Who is the author?
· What qualifications does this person hold, for this topic?
· Does the author offer references?
· Is there a contact available?
URL domain Consider the stakeholders
o .com = a company
o .edu = an educational institution
o .gov = the US government
o .mil = US military
o .net = a network of computers
o .org =a nonprofit organization
Up to date
· When was the site last updated
· Are the links current- check them out
· What is the intent of this site?
· Is there a mission, philosophy, or company information?
· Are there fees?
· Is it scholarly?
· Do other sites give the material creditability?
· Is there bias?
· Is there oversight? –is someone checking the information to verify content?

Is this site easy to read and navigate?
Is there a search engine? (Wilkinson , 2007)


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